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The Histrionic Academy's family of tours was founded ​12 years ago. 

With 2 guides and one ticket booth, our Tour of The Freedom Trail became successful through crafting great experiences for each and every guest on our tour.
Today we offer tours in three locations: Boston, Plymouth & Salem.
10 Of The World's Top Ghost Tours

The Salem Night Tour made the list in this TODAY article showcasing the best ghost tours in the world. Salem Night Tour is featured alongside the best tours in The USA and beyond. 
Poll: Best Salem Historical Tours

The Salem Night Tour has been voted by our fellow historians, Massachusetts visitors and enthusiasts as the best historical tour in Salem, MA.

Historic Salem, by Day or Night

"...My teenage stepkids and niece were skeptical, but within a few minutes they were eyeing buildings warily and asking me whether the old graveyard was really haunted." 

10 Best Guided Tours in Massachusetts

"Ghosts, witches and ghouls—oh, my! Even when it’s not Halloween season, there are plenty spooky happenings in Salem, and Salem Night Tour will take you through many of them"